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Bowling for beginners

There’s three parts to the physical game and how we get to the foul line we’re trying to knock down ten pins which is about 60 foot away and you got a lane here that’s 39 boards wide you’ve got seven arrows as we said on the lanes and I’m trying to hit the head pin on the right side and hopefully knock down the most we do so we have a process here and we teach our students to be processed or in first things first.

We set our feet we get in a nice athletic position again as we talked about we’re going to point our feet down the target line or where we want that ball to go then we set our head the head you know if you if you’ve played any other sports you’ve heard wherever the head goes the body will follow well we’re going to get our heads kind of set up on the outside of our right foot and then we’re going to get a nice athletic stance so we set our our feet our head we get in a nice athletic stance and then we set the ball and the ball goes right close to our body.

I prefer touching our body but if not close using our left hand to balance the ball and it goes right underneath our head alright once we get in that position and we fixate on a target out here on the lanes then what we’re going to do is we’re going to get into the start and we start the ball very smoothly okay and we’re going to hinge the ball we’re not going to push it way out we’re going to try to keep this very rounded and smooth because the goal here is to get the ball into the swing consistently and smoothly without any stress on our body and we’re also going to place it down the target line so right now just like you line up a putt or you fire a gun or a bow and arrow we’re trying to get the ball down this target line that I’m envisioning and we want to get it into the swing again smoothly and consistently so we set our feet our head we get an athletic position and we set the ball and we’re ready to pull the trigger ready go and then we hold our finished position.

we’re trying to have a good balance obviously we’re going to stay behind the foul line so we don’t get zero here I’m in the finished position and then if you notice my trail leg is out all the way here to about an 830 position if this was a clock and I have a nice wide base where I can hold my balance here

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