Bowling for left handers

Bowling for left handers

Helping you how to bawl better.

Hi everybody, rich guru for I now the pleasure of discussing the career and a little bit about the personal life of one of my best friends on this planet Jonny Petraglia PBA Hall of Fame champion and for my money in my mind one of the best human beings I’ve ever met now I did an exclusive editorial on John a written editorial and it’s quite lengthy and it’s right in the bull versity section of bowling ball comm you click on bull versity click on editorials and then click on the link to the Johnny Petraglia article know what I did and Johnny was gracious enough to give us some tips for left-handed bowlers as well as allowing us to share some information about Johnny.

Now in the article I talked about his career talked about some personal experiences with John but right here in this video I think I’ll lead off with a little information about the tips that Johnny gave me to share with you and then maybe I’ll tell you a little bit about John you can read all the information about his historic career which is continuing by the way but right.

Now let’s talk about some tips Johnny gave you for left-handed bowlers and what he wanted to do is to make sure you understand that it can be the same thing for right-handed bowlers he doesn’t differentiate when you pull on standard USBC house lane conditions most leagues are bowled on every day around the country not particular given lane conditions for competitive events like serious tournaments the United States Open tournament or the United States Bowling Congress national tournament which travels around the country every year or even specific tournament groups or organizations that do their own lane conditions especially typically on lead conditions or house conditions as we call them Johnny suggests whenever coaching you receive for right-handed left-handed bowlers he can apply the same way he also told me in his words and I’m paraphrasing the exact information that he told me is related currently in the bowling article so please read it.

The making adjustments on house conditions really that we can use parallel adjustment strategies for both left-handed and right-handed players okay and there’s articles we have in Boulder City discussing parallel adjustments or just general lane adjustments on dry lanes or oily lanes and if you check around a little bit you’ll get some of the information to help you if you have it if you don’t already understand that if you’re already a good bowler and you’ve understood you’re just curious about some of the tips Johnny gave you or maybe even you’re an upcoming bowler with aspirations to be a professional like John you know you can certainly read his tips but the tips that are specifically related John also related is is is that when he talks to his pro-am partners or people that he meets around the country and they asked him for some simple tips one tip he gives to everyone right or left-handed players he says so long as the palm of your bowling hand faces the right wall of the center for left-handed players palm facing the right-handed wall of the bowling center but your thumb points up to 12 o’clock when you release your ball finish in that position it’ll help you when you complete your follow-through it’ll help you gain hook additional hook on your bowling ball you want to hook the ball more.

He says you can rotate to a full turn right-handed bowlers the palm faces the left wall left-handed bowlers palm faces the right wall but don’t rotate your thumb that direction to the thumb should never change pivot around that keep it pointing straight up to the ceiling and let your palm rotate by doing that it will give you more hook more access tilt more hook on the ball simple tips but they work and it’s amazing when you do it properly how effective

It can be now if you’re already a great bowl and you’ve received you know you have these skills let’s talk to you about tournament bowlers now because they’re generally fill so few left-handed bowlers that enter the tournaments John suggests that moving from one parent lanes to the next after success of games requires paying careful attention to to what the right-handers do how they make their adjustments if a right-hander delivers the first ball and comes up the pocket there’s more oil in the center lane and likely shooting right-handed side spares for you left-handed players could result in decreased skid distance than on the previous pair so you’d have to take that in consideration in your adjustments for that spare be careful and be aware and ready to make a corresponding adjustment John says that the opposite would be true too if the right-hander gets to a new pair of lanes and you see more hook then then on the first delivery changing the pair’s and your adjustment for that spare on the right side of the lane for you left-handed bowlers will change to.

He also went on to suggest that when you’re bowling on synthetic lanes expect about two boards of oiled carry down during the game a minimum two to five boards he told me but two boards typically so the lane actually becomes tighter on the back end the ball on hook as much then it will in the beginning of the game in this case you have to adjust from two to five boards and you’ve got to be ready to do so when you see this reaction developing and of course he passed on left-handed players who bowl on PBA Lane conditions or lane patterns like the Viper pattern his example is when he told me about he said pay close attention to the middle parts of the lane skid control is vital and more vital than lateral lane adjustments many of the success of left-handed players today in fact don’t use real aggressive bowling ball so use a mild regular urethane reactive bowling ball and they’re trying to get the ball to stand up at the breakpoint which means quick tilting the axis and begin to roll more straight forward so the ball doesn’t sweep into the pocket it just moves in gradually you can control the ball from the break point to the pocket more if you don’t have the ball migrating an axis tilting as the ball it continues to hook to the pocket so beyond that john went on to mention that the PBA Lane conditions basically force left-handed players to play a skid length control game either by means of a high high ball speed and loft combination or reducing the amount of active and action during the release of the ball so you arrived at the breakpoint the ball won’t hook much from the breakpoint to the pocket you said on PVA patterns it’s less likely that parallel adjustments can work in comparison to house conditions for left-handed bowlers so those are the essential tips that he gives when he talks the bowls around the country.

Wanted to share them with you the article reinforces this information part of that article at the beginning of it talks about a couple of personal things about Johnny you know I guess to summarize it not to go on and on here there’s many bowlers in the PBA Hall of Fame and many bowlers with with more championships or titles than John but John’s done it for a longer period of time than anyone know bowlers won a PBA title of any sort in six decades other than John Petraglia he just did it recently and that means he won his first title in the 1960s and any went on through the 70s the 80s the 90s 2000 and now after 2010 six decades pretty impressive to have that type of longevity you’ve got to be good you’ve got to know your trade and John is one to keep things simple in his mind when he’s bowling well he doesn’t find demons he lets it happen and when he’s struggling or whatever it is he’ll look for solutions he practices relentlessly and he exercises and stays in shape so first right now at the time of this filming Johnson 64 year old man but he stays in good tone good physical condition and keeps his weight under control keeps his leg strong although he has bad knees he exercises the muscles around him so he can use his knees in support of his bowling so staying in shape dieting right and getting lots of practice or what John recommends to bowlers who are getting some years on them John says my ball doesn’t how old I am unless I throw the ball and effectively he said so if I can stay in shape and get good rhythm good balance use my leverage properly through proper technique and have good releases in a well practice.

I still can compete John Petraglia just finished recently in the 2011 PBA national tour in the top 10 in a tournament using a plastic bowling ball so just to give you an idea you can continue to be effective long into your later years if you stay in shape okay now when you read the article you’ll talk about John being president a couple times in the PBA he won the Triple Crown event he’s one of just several players to have won all three of the major titles and bowling the important ones and that would be the Tournament of Champions and and the US Open and the PBA national championship he also won the World Open Championship he predicted that one two I was with him he told me he was going to win that tournament cuz he had a dream about it and he won it the next week pretty remarkable when somebody says that they actually back it up confidence is one thing but really being totally believing in yourself and understanding that something like that is possible to happen.

John is it really has a lot of passion in him he’s a great family man and I think that’s probably the best thing I can say about him he loves his wife and kids and he has done everything he can do to provide them the very best in life so John’s been knocked down a few times through the years he gets back up he doesn’t believe in crying about it he believes in working and and using the resources around him to be a better person and he’s donated his life to charities very many charities and he’s dedicated his life to things like the wheelchair veterans from Vietnam or he was once Man of the Year the National leukemia foundation I did a Special Olympics presentation to winners of the Texas Special Olympics in 1979 with John he and I where the two bowlers selected to join two Dallas Cowboys at the University of Texas in Arlington at the their gymnasium and they set it up with 1500 Special Olympic athletes or received their medals in John and I ordered the medals to the winners along with the Dallas Cowboys celebrities that were there I can tell you it was an emotional time but that tells me should relate to you the type of person John is to give back to others to give back to the game and give back to the community and that’s what’s made him a special champion.

He’s very eager he’s very sociable if you beat him you engage him at an outing like a PBA pro-am or even at a clinic or a seminar he doesn’t done John still travels the country he drives everywhere and he goes out and sees people every day goes to pro shops he still his represented the Brunswick Corporation for many years and still does I don’t think he’ll ever stop I think as long as the good Lord gives them links to walk in and air to breathe John will be part of the bowling scene and it’s rare and I predict he will be the next symbol of the PBA in years to come so anyway I just wanted to share with you some information about John and hope and having I hope I’ve done John justice and not put you off in any way thank you for taking time to listen to the video and please read the article it’s a great it’s it’s just my salute to a great champion and a great friend Johnny Petraglia

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