bowling for strikes

Bowling for strikes

Welcome to let’s talk bowling with Andrew Frawley. Today we’re talking about bowling for strikes before we join the coach for today’s session let’s review what we covered in our last program.
By now you should be feeling quite confident about using the four-step approach you’ll recall the four-step approach has four parts start position push swing and roll to find your start position starts at the center of the foul line walk back four paces and then add a half step for the slide when you turn to position your feet in line with the board that has the center dot.
For example, right-handed bowlers line up their left foot on this board you hold the ball about waist high in both hands slightly to the right with a little more weight on your left foot.
Now you’re ready for the push your right foot and arm move out together as you will forward your arm extends and the ball swings down and back naturally the arm and the foot come through together and the ball is released round about the ankle and rolls down the lane follow throughout the foul line and stay nicely balanced.

Do you remember any other tips the coach gave us about delivering the ball is a couple to think about today and we want to make sure our shoulders are square to the foul line we’re going to keep our shoulders square throughout the whole of the approach, okay the next thing is we’re going to keep that fall the hand underneath the ball that’s it for when we’re first starting up we want to learn how to deliver the ball straight up a lane so when we look at the ball we want to have to Palmer the hand up towards the ceiling and that’s going to make sure when we finish up we’re going to have our thumb pointing towards the pins as we’re delivering the ball, we want to keep the wrist as firm as we can through the ball so we don’t flop that risk that when we let go of it keep your wrist nice and firm through the shot.
In training we sometimes talk about the pins by numbers in bowling the ten pins are numbered from front to back and from left to right so this is pin one often referred to as the head pin then we have two and three four five and six and then seven eight nine and ten all right let’s join the coach and talk about the best way to bowl a strike.
All right what is the strike pocket what’s the best way to strike well I can tell you’re hitting very straight on the front pin there’s a big chance you’re going to leave is what we call the split that’s pins on either side of the deck very hard to get a spare out off the best way to strike is to hit the right side of the head pin if you’re right-handed bar or a left-handed bowler just hit on the left side of the head pin that’s a best way to get the best mixed best chance of striking so if you’re a right-handed bowler your strike target or strike pocket is just to the right of the head pin this 1/3 pocket left-handed bowlers are targeting the left side of the head pin or the 1/2 pocket when most people start bowling they just aim for the pins but those are 18 meters away wouldn’t it be great if you had something closer to a net well you do every Lane has a special built-in targeting device to help you knock over more pins just over 4 meters down your lane you’ll see a series of arrows and these give you a closer aiming point as the coach explains the arrows line up with the dots that have been placed on the approach so we have arrows that every five boards and the middle arrow lines up with the middle dot so we can use the middle arrow in the middle dot to work out where we want to stand we’ve been talking about lining up on the middle dot to ball the ball down the lane to try and get a strike so what we what we would want to do is place the ball as we ball it through the second and third arrow from the right so we can think about the ball rolling past the second third arrow down the lane and that should hit the strike pocket okay now we’ve talked about starting on the middle dot and then we’ve spoken about rolling the ball between the second and third arrow to line up with our strike pocket now I what I’m going to show you is if I stand on the middle dot at the foul line we the shoulder automatically lines up between the second and third arrow we bowl the ball straight we can bowl the ball straight up the lane hopefully hit the right side of the hip in let’s see if it works I’m standing on top of the middle arrow and you can see then my shoulder automatically lines up between the second and third arrow take aim and remember during approach we’re aiming at the arrows not looking at the pins oh we nearly got there but you can see the ball hitting the right side the hip in between the second and third arrow that gives our best chance for a strike today we want to practice aiming to roll between the second and third arrows to hit the right-hand side of the head pin as you practice today watch closely to see which arrow your ball travels over and then watch where it hits try rolling a shot over the second arrow and then the third arrow and then between the second and third arrow and see what difference this makes this way you will find the spot in relation to the arrow that works best for you as you become more confident working with the arrows aiming for strikes will become a lot easier alright we’re going to do some practice on targeting Ashley’s line up his left foot over the middle dot he’s got his eyes focus between the second and third arrow are we looking to hit the right side of the head field let’s see where Ashley rolls a shot all right actually where that’s where we roll out for those better third hour that’s right yeah just a little bit to the left of the third hour that’s why the ball went over to the other side of that hairpin we still hit the hairpin that’s not bad so all around a pretty good shot what we want to do now is practice aiming our targets and watching the ball roll between the second and third arrow and just keep practicing head down good balance of the line and see the ball going between the second and third arrow will leave you to get some practice in our next session we’ll talk about spitting that’s in the next episode of let’s talk bowling see you then you

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