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How to Bowl Better

In this post we will learn how to bowl better by learning basic bowling techniques.

How to bowl better, learning basic bowling techniques. Choosing the correct approach for the type of bowler you are hey whether you’re a beginner a league bowler or a tournament bowler we’ve got the right approach for you we’re going to talk about a four and five step approach

We’re gonna explain to you about timing and how it works we’ll talk about some fundamentals and tips we’re gonna do a demonstration on the correct setup position stance push away arm swing and how to develop a pendulum swing we’re even gonna talk to you about the release and the follow-through will explain lift a straight ball release and a hook release

All of this and much more so stay tuned hey let’s talk about some of the things that you got to do before you get out on the lanes and start throwing a lot of strikes I mean we’ve talked about the accessories make sure you’ve got your bowling tape make sure you’ve got your towel make sure you got rosin or powder if you use that on your thumb

The other thing is I think is a big deal you want to make sure that your your slide shoe is gonna match up with the approach that you’re bowling on in other words you want to make sure that you get out there and you test the approaches to see if they’re real slippery or real tacky after that do some stretching work those hamstrings out work the quads get some shoulder stretches going get that wrist limbered up now you’re ready to go out there and throw a lot of strikes

Part 1

Let’s start with the approach and this is going to hold true for beginning bowlers for League bowlers and for tournament bowlers I believe there’s only one approach to use especially when learning out a bowl and that’s a four-step approach whether you’re right-handed or left-handed what I want you to do is I want you to start the right hand the ball and that same foot together

So if you’re right-handed the right hand bowling ball and first step which would be with your right foot go together if you’re left-handed just turn it around hey we’ve talked about the four step approach

Now I’m going to talk to about the five step approach and it’s real simple all you’re going to do is add an extra step without moving the bowling ball so for right handers that would be the left foot moving first then the right foot and the bowling ball moving together that’s going from four to five steps why would you do that you asked well a lot of times you want you might want to generate more ball speed you add an extra step get the feet moving a little bit faster hey wallah instant ball speed

Next we’re going to talk about how timing works you know all of my teachings throughout the world I get asked a lot hey how does timing work it’s real simple timing is when and how the ball is initiated into the swing so for example if the bowling ball is initiated very very quickly and very fast before any steps are taken we call that early timing

So what that does is it forces the feet to run to try to catch up with the arm swing in the bowling ball on the flip side of that if we start walking before we push the bowling ball now we’re going to have real late timing so the feet are going to slow down so that the swing can sync back up one of the keys are one of the tips I’d like to give you to put you in time

Is I want you to imagine that there’s a string tied from the back of your hand so the big toe on your right foot if you’re right-handed the hand and the foot cannot work independent of one another they have to work together so for perfect timing that right foot in that hand have to move together and if you have a shoulder high back swing or just slightly above shoulder high

I want the bowling ball to be at about a 45 degree angle when you push the ball away from you this will set you up and put you in perfect timing and give you the best opportunities to throw a lot of strikes

Part 2

Now we’re going to talk about the correct setup and how to create a pendulum arm swing hey let’s talk about setup for a minute bowling is a sport in any sport you need to have good posture and a good setup that means good weight distribution you never see anybody in bowling that was any good leaning way back like this to start or leaning too far forward you want to have your knees bent slightly you want to have your weight distributed evenly

Because remember you’re carrying a heavy object and you got to transport that object oh about 10 to 12 feet or so so it’s important to get a good sound steady base before you start your approach hey folks let’s talk about creating a pendulum arm swing okay I think the best way to do that is by taking a page out of a lot of professionals notebooks and that is we want to use gravity to create that pendulum swing

Remember we talked about pushing the ball away and getting it at a 45 degree angle once we push the ball away from us after this happens I want you to allow gravity to make that bowling ball in that arm move back and forth remember gravity is a constant it’s the same every single day even though our body’s changing our feelings change from day to day gravity never changes if you employ gravity in your swing I promise you you’ll be a better bowler coming up next we’re going to talk about release and follow-through also a straight ball release versus a hook ball release all of this is going to help make you a better bowler

Part 3
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