Human bowling pin setters

Human bowling pin setters

Well the concept of bowling has been around for quite some time according to anthropologist now the only thing I know is I’ve never been to a bowling alley where a person sets up my pins that is until my visit to the Haller house.

1941 bowling was forever changed by the invention of the mechanical pin setter but 78 years later the holler house in Milwaukee hasn’t altered a thing.

We’ve been told many times to make it mechanical but that’s the charm of the place this wouldn’t be the hotter house if it was a physical job and as you get more and more after our 2 you start to feel your legs go a little bit after our 3 or 4 it’s your back which begs the question is it even worth it yeah yeah see we get paid by the game and then we get paid by tips I’ve made anywhere up to 45 an hour

A member of the family that opened and still runs all our house to this day Brody’s Tucker is fifth generation pin setter yeah it’s crazy I don’t know I just want times to kind of hard to put into words because I don’t know it’s just such a it’s a thing that not many people have the opportunity to have in their lives and when asked if he expects his own children to one day carry on the tradition he didn’t give it a second for sure there’s no other way I’d want them to be raised because it teaches you a lot of life lessons hard work perseverance for sure I have all my friends working with me and I’ve had some of the best conversations and learned so much about my friends back there bottom line as long as the holler house stands so will the pins with the help of people

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