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Keep calm bowling

How to bowl better when you’re nervous hey we’re all human we get nervous pressure situations typically make all of us a bit nervous fear of performing particularly when there’s other bowlers around and they’re watching you in an important situation on the lanes. how to keep calm when bowling

all those things make us nervous or even if it’s just a thing where no one really is paying attention but you’re going after a personal score your best a high game a certain level of a series where you are nervous because it’s important to you to achieve that level of performance so there’s a few keys you can do to help reduce the level of nerves but the first thing is to realize you’re never going to stop being nervous

it’s okay to be nervous because your body can still perform real effectively or you would never see any anybody win a tournament on television would you even though the pros are tremendously talented they’re nervous too they get in a situation about how many times they’ve been there but you get on national TV in front of a lot of people in your nervous any situation where you’re bowling for something important to you or doing anything in this world important to you will make you nervous what can you do about it

there’s a few tips first think about it good start to your bowling approach and then a good finish and in between focus on getting your target a good start a good finish in between your target simple enough you want to focus on making one good delivery to time don’t get ahead of yourself and don’t think about what’s already happened use a consistent tempo or a pace of your footsteps especially the final two steps of your approach because it gives your arm swing and you release a chance to do its job effectively and become accurate

make a good delivery hurrying your steps your hurry release bad things can happen next you want to hold your form at the foul line after you release the bowling ball because if you if you can hold your form until the ball gets down the lane aways certainly pass your target indicates you have good balance you want to minimize the tension in your arms and legs when you bowl try not to dig in squeeze the ball too much or more than normal when I say relax muscles your nervous so you’re going to have a little bit more gripping pressure than usual but try to make sure that you maintain steady gripping pressure on the bowling ball throughout the entire swing cycle

release and in your legs and if you do that you’re going to be as accurate as possible in that pressure situation and make your decision where are you going to play the lane before you step up on the approach and try to deliver the ball make your decision where your target on the lane is going to be where you’re going to site and also where you’re going to place your feet how you’re going to line yourself what type of release your delivery you’re going to make visualize that process step up and you’ll have a much better chance of executing accurately

you want to always practice your pre-shot routine if your game as well practice it becomes much easier in pressure situations when you haven’t developed and a good pre-shot routine and by that i mean when you step up on the approach you know taking care to grip the ball with the same gripping pressure the same way setting up properly with a ball position close to your body in front of your bowl and shoulder for example if those are your keys as setting a flexing your legs getting your stance position your posture just right make sure you have that done without take it too much time you should be able to do all that in a couple of seconds and then look at your target and begin your approach and pace yourself

store all your energies to use through the entire duration of your session on the lanes and don’t burn out early on you can’t win a tournament for example in the first game you win at the last game although you’re nervous you always want to perform well every delivery but pace yourself through the course of the entire session on the lanes in the long run you’re going to be better off I hope some of these tips help you we all have to deal with pressure and I think now you’re on your way to performing when you’re nervous

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