Learning to bowl

Learning to bowl

Learning to Bowl

Today’s session begins with bowling basics hi I’m Andrew welcome to the lanes and let’s talk bowling you know fall is a great game and can be a lot of fun we’re going to give you a few hints so you can knock over as many pins as possible.

first of all let’s go through the basics, so we can get ready to play.

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Bowling Shoes

All right first of all bowling shoes you must wear bowling shoes when you play bowling they’re designed to slide on the leather sole and then stop with the rubber heel you can’t wear your regular shoes.

Bowling Ball

if you do that you’ll stick your fly in the air fall down the landing what going to look pretty silly first of all the fit of the bowling ball when you go up to the rack to find a ball the number.

one thing you should check for is your thumb it’s going to fit in the ball nice and snug but you can still turn the thumb around in the ball it’s still grip under what nice we use our two middle fingers to hold onto the ball with a thumb so our temp in bowling grip is two middle fingers and thumb and you can see that that’s the best way to not go over the pins the far as the weight of the ball goes the balls are normally marked on the racks.

I’ve got a 14 pound ball if you’re in primary school you can start with an 8 pound or a 10 pounder if you’re a high school student have a look at the tens 212 but if you’re a little older have a look at a 14 pound ball let’s go through just a couple of basic rules and etiquette the number one thing is if you’ve got your mate either side of you ready to bowl let them go and play and then you can take your shot so we don’t have two people side by side going up and playing at the same time.

you can get a little nasty out there and the second one’s when the ball comes out keep your hands well clear of the ball return area and when you pick the ball up pick it up from the sides so you don’t get to the ball banging into your hand with the other balls and finally it’s the foul line you’re not to go over the black line we’re approaching the lane join every bowling center in the world as a foul line and it’s always a thick black line where the approach meets the line the reason why we don’t go over the foul line is that the lanes are oiled if you cross the foul line as a big chance you’re going to slip over hurt yourself the other thing is is you’re going to bring some oil back on the approach and the bowling center isn’t going to be very happy about that if you do cross the foul line it’s always a zero score so remember that so let’s look at those bowling basics.

one more time you’ll need bowling shoes so you can slide and grip choose a bowling ball with the right fit the right weight and use your two middle fingers to get the right grip be aware of the bowler on your right if they’re about to bowl wait for them before you go be careful of your fingers at the ball return pick up your ball in two hands so you’re less likely to drop it and don’t cross the foul line now let’s get the basics on how we’re going to learn to bowl.

the best way to do that is to learn the four-step approach so what we want to do now is work out whereabouts on the approach we’re going to start from so we can take our four steps and not slide over the foul line we’ve got Chris here he’s going to show us how it’s done chris is the right handed bowler he’s going to start with his right foot take full regular walking steps plus a half step that’ll count for the slide and that’s going to be starting position at there at the approach all right Chris start off for us and just a half step that’s it for your slide now if you turn around Chris is going to be starting just behind the first set of dots on the approach they’re talking about the dots these dots are every five boards and they line up with the arrows down the line.

Lines and dots

So what we’re going to do over the next couple of sessions we’re going to be talking about lining up off the dots and lining up to bowl over an arrow for our strike shot now span shots we’re going to use the middle dot now to line up for our strike line so Chris lines up at the inside of his left foot over the board which is the middle dot feet together and he’s all ready to start his four-step approach thanks Chris see you later okay now let’s talk about the four-step approach we know where we’re going to start on the approach.

Throwing the ball

And now we just want to talk about how we’re going to go through it the most important part of the four-step approach is is moving the ball and the foot out at the same time it’s called the push away we can get that right the ball is going to arrive at the same time we want it to on our full step so the push away very simply is the ball about waist height we don’t want it too low we don’t want up in front of their face nice and even about waste just a little bit above waist height.

We want to use our left hand just to hold a little bit of the weight of the ball so you can just do that a couple of times just to get the feel it doesn’t drop into the swing the ball on the foot move out at the same time now the next three steps are really fluid we just take our regular walking speed steps and the swing just drops there’s no extra force on the downswing or we don’t pull it through let’s just swing it all from the shoulder it helps with our accuracy and also helps with our timing making sure the ball arrives at the foot at the same time on our fourth step so the push away push the ball out then we just continue on let the ball swing through I’ll show you how it goes right now okay setting up ball just above waist type a little little weight on them on the left foot push away nice and easy easy sweet push out easy swing it works okay.

Four step approach

let’s do a little bit of practice after that one let’s practice our four step approach stand at the center of the foul line and walk back four paces and then add a half step for the slide next look down and notice the dots if you’re right-handed line up your left foot on the board with the center dot by the way if you’re left-handed everything is pretty much reversed hold the ball about waist high in both hands slightly to the right with a little more weight on your left foot we want to make sure our shoulders are square to the foul line we’re going to keep our shoulders square throughout the whole of the approach now you’re ready for the push your right foot and arm move out together as you walk forward your arm extends and swings down and back naturally the arm and the foot come through together and the ball is released run about the ankle and rolls down the lane you just follow throughout the foul line and stay nicely balanced.

you seen boulders play the hook shop and when we’re first starting up we want to learn how to deliver the ball straight up a lane so when we let go of the ball we want to have the palm of the hand up towards the ceiling and that’s going to make sure when we finish up we’re going to have our thumb pointing towards the pins and as we’re delivering the ball we want to keep the wrist as firm as we can through the ball so we don’t flop out risk that when we let go of it keep your wrist nice and firm through the shot all right let’s practice that on this one shoulder square and you can deliver it right there good job and that’s it for today keep up the practice balance push swing and roll we leave you to get some practice in then the next session we’ll talk about strikes that’s in the next episode of let’s talk bowling see you then you

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